Tastes and typical dishes

Sea tastes but not only…

Discover the Ligurian cuisine restaurants in Genoa Nervi. The cuisine of this region reflects the shape of its territory with the presence of local ingredients as well as the ones imported from the frequent trade and cultural exchanges that the Genoese had in centuries.
In addition to typical dishes known throughout the world, such as focaccia and pesto, there are many variations of pies and fillings, without forgetting the importance that Liguria has always covered in the production of oil and wines produced by olive trees and vineyards along the sunny terraces that characterize the steep slopes of the Ligurian mountains.

The Esperia hotel has an excellent restaurant, where you will find classic and regional cuisine.

Nervi and its surroundings, however, offer a wide range of choice thanks to several characteristic restaurants.

For those who prefer fish food
Pino, under the pergola between the boats of the marina

For those looking for refined cuisine
The Cook, one star Michelin ,Via M. Sala

For those who have not tried yet the cheese-focaccia
Halloween al porticciolo

For those who love to eat by the sea
Medusa: the terrace on the rocks (summer only)

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