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Unusual corner

Nervi is the right choice for those looking for a hotel in Genoa close to the sea. Located on the coast , east of Genoa, it is well-known for its mild climate, the promenade on the cliffs overlooking the sea and the parks.

storiaThe proximity to the shopping area and the old town of Genoa, and to other famous resorts of the Ligurian Riviera, makes of Nervi an elegant residential area as well as a pleasant coastal tourist destination.
The first houses were built along the roman “via Aurelia” on the coast between the bay and the little Roman bridge. It is believed that the name of Nervi comes from Celtic language “Near-av-inn” ( near the sea). Among the oldest buildings are the bridge and the “castle” garrison which controls the commercial traffic.

storia2The Groppallo tower along the existing promenade was built in the mid-sixteenth century with the aim of spotting the incoming Saracens ships and spread the news via straw fires ; for this reasons it is also named "Tower of the hay." The houses of the following centuries were gradually built along the main alley , while the land between the sea and via Aurelia were purchased by aristocratic families who built their magnificent mansions and summer residences, that today host the Musei di Nervi ( the Genoa modern art district).
The current shape of Nervi dates from the early twentieth century and is influenced by the construction of the railway track and the consequent opening of the Viale delle Palme (Palms Avenue) that links via Aurelia to the railways station and the entrance of the famous sea promenade dedicated to Anita Garibaldi.

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