Genoa downtown

Inside the history

A hotel in Genoa by the sea-side, è is the right choice for those who want to visit the city and its old town (the largest in Europe) and reach the coastal resorts on the Ligurian Riviera di Levanteto the Cinque Terre. For this reason a stay at' hotel Esperia in Genoa Nervi is very convenient.


Genoa is a fascinating town full of history, and its traces are evident in the urban architectural structure as well as in the precious art collections. The port has always been characterized by the encounter of different cultures. The shape of the territory, the need for defense and the flows related to trade routes, have had a significant impact on the urban development but also on the character of its inhabitants.

itinerariFirst time visitors to Genoa will certainly go to the Old Port that the archistar Renzo Piano has redesigned in celebration of Christopher Columbus 500 years discovery of America.
Here you can visit the Aquarium or explore the city from the top of the Bigo. For the families, the Children's Town, the Luzzati Museum and Sea Museum offer workshops and interactive experiences for children.
A stroll through the shops and historic buildings of the "alleyways", visits to historic palaces on Via Garibaldi, with the collections of museums of Palazzo BiancoPalazzo Rosso and Palazzo Tursi, are a great way to discover the historic town center and its artistic history, politics and culture.

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